"A Warning Resting in the Distance, an exhibition centered on how Black women feel in the face of danger, whether that danger is known for certain or merely speculated. Featuring photography, video, installation and sound works by Katherine Simóne Reynolds, the exhibition considers how different kinds of information influence the way we relate to our surroundings.Many of Reynolds’ images of Black women are loaded with racialized and gendered expectations about cause and effect: the wedding, the porn shoot, standing alone on a corner, posing with reading material, captured by surveillance technology — and always alone. How do we perceive these moments? What do we expect? Throughout the exhibition, Reynolds explores the impulse to warn these women, to surmise what they’re doing, to assume impending consequences. She also spotlights acts of “overhealing” in which Black women protect themselves from surveillance and harm — like the keloid scars that protect their skin after a trauma, the wigs that both enhance and shroud their visibility.” - Exhibition statement from Black Embodiments Studio

Still image from “See Me” film. Click image for PDF

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