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{Upcoming}: Fall 2021-A Warning Resting in the Distance 
: Black Embodiments Studio (Jacob Lawrence Gallery), Seattle

  1. Summer 2021-
    : Rule Gallery, Denver

  2. Spring 2021-A Bruising Gaze on a Faltering Landscape: The Block Museum, Chicago
  3. Summer 2020-Abstractions of Black Citizenship (group exhibition): Seattle University, Seattle
  4. Spring 2020-Untied (group exhibition): University of Illinois Springfield, Springfield
  5. Spring 2019-You Gotta be a Special Lady, and a Very Exciting Girl: Rule Gallery, Marfa
  6. Winter 2019-Other Objects (group exhibition):  SculptureCenter, New York
  7. Spring 2018-Dwell in other Futures (group exhibition): Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Saint Louis
  8. Spring 2018-Seeing Other People (group exhibition):  Projects+ Gallery, Saint Louis
  9. Spring 2018-Willie and Pat Do a Slow Dance: Hunt Gallery (Webster University), Saint Louis
  10. Summer 2017-Sit Still: Paul’s Artspace, Saint Louis
  11. Spring 2017-Almost Now, Just Then: Projects+Gallery, Saint Louis
  12. Spring 2017-What are We but Lying Single Surface?: The Alice Gallery, Seattle
  13. Spring 2016-Ask Her How She’s Doing: Fort Gondo, Saint Louis