People often ask me what the overall meaning of TheUnsuspended is and why I decided to choose this moniker in general. With a smile, slight pause and gaze up to the sky to find the correct wording, I usually give them this explanation: TheUnsuspended is not necessarily something that has a concrete, never-changing definition or that incorporates a movement-like quality. Instead, it is a growing explanation of the person traveling on the journey of self-discovery and literal “social” security in the world that one lives in. It is your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, even 50’s and beyond; if you still have a yearning deep inside to do something that is full of the natural passion that has been present since birth. To be Unsuspended is seeing your college degree on the wall, while deleting the harassing Sallie Mae emails that arrive in your inbox on a weekly basis. Unsuspended is having multiple odd jobs, random gigs and just enough money to purchase that one imported beer at your classy, dive bar on a Stag night. Unsuspended is having to face being an adult, when in reality you have absolutely no clue as to what that exactly is. Whether you want to be a "Suit" working for Monsanto or a Freelance Performing Artist working out of a bus; you have goals and aspirations that are eating away at you. There is this feeling knowing what you want, but being stifled by your wondering mind. This is what being Unsuspended embodies. It is seeing the overall picture of chaotic glory that leads you to the path of clarity…. while being suspended on the ground. You know where you want to be, you just may not know how to get there. So why not try to do this thing together, eh? Let us build a community of people that not only enjoy participating in the activities we do; but also make cooler, bigger, and better things happen in the places in which we reside. If you have a passion, voice, dream or even an inkling to do something greater than yourself; I say not only to go for it, but destroy it and make it yours! Break every rule that makes it less than what it needs to be and go for it no matter who tells you otherwise. We can do this. Remember…. there is no time limit on greatness. Be Unsuspended for as long as you need to and If you get lost, you will probably bump into me up there as well.
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Photo by Adrian O. Walker

Photo by Adrian O. Walker

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